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Bank Failures

Depositors Can Become Shareholders of Failed Banks

July 7, 2020 |  Categories:  Bank Failures  

BankCAMELS has no legal expertise and we don't offer any legal opinions.  According to an article from GSIexchange, however, customers and depositors who are storing assets in a bank are “creditors” who can immediately be regarded as legitimate bank “shareholders". This means that a large portion of their stored …

What happens when a bank fails?

July 3, 2020 |  Categories:  Bank Failures  

The following is taken directly from FDIC website:

Though unlikely, bank failures do occur and the FDIC responds in two capacities. First, as the insurer of the bank's deposits, the FDIC pays insurance to depositors up to the insurance limit. Historically, the FDIC pays insurance within a few days after …

Highlights of IndyMac Bank Closing

May 31, 2020 |  Categories:  Bank Failures  

IndyMac Bank, F.S.B., Pasadena, CA, was closed on July 11 (Friday), 2008 by the Office of Thrift Supervision. All insured deposits and substantially all the assets of IndyMac Bank was transferred to IndyMac Federal Bank over the following weekend.  As a result, "Depositors of IndyMac Federal Bank, FSB will have no …

Bank Failures Due to Fraud

Feb. 6, 2020 |  Categories:  Bank Safety Rating   Bank Failures  

Even though rare, bank fraud still happens.  Among the 4 bank failures happened in 2019, one of them, the Enloe State Bank, was caused by fraud. 

Commissioner Cooper of Texas stated “we are forced to close this bank which was chartered in 1928 due to insider abuse and …